FAQ answered by The March Family Letters team:

Q: Does Pemberley Digital own the March Family Letters?

A: No. We’ve signed what’s called a distribution deal. This means that we have given Pemberley permission to roll out our videos on their channel and on some other platforms. The MFL is still 100% owned and operated by your friendly neighbourhood Cherrydale team.

Q: Was/Is Pemberley Digital involved creatively with the show?

A: No. Pemberley Digital does not, and will not have any creative input into this first season of the series. We have many wonderful partners like the Independent Production Fund and the Transmedia Zone (and now Pemberley) who have all offered us support and guidance. But at the end of the day, it’s our story.

Q: Why is this being announced the day before you launch?

A: That’s because the agreement itself was only very recently confirmed. Even as recently as the end of last week we were still prepping for the videos to go out on the MFL channel.

Q: Why not keep it on your channel?

A: Well, we’re pretty proud of The MFL and the hard work all the cast and crew have put into it. We want to try and make sure as many people see it as possible! Pemberley has a great network built up and as another literary adaptation webseries with strong female leads we felt that it was a natural fit for Pemberley to help us get our show out to people who will enjoy it.

Pemberley also has great resources that a small young company like Cherrydale just doesn’t have yet. Awesome The MFL merch, for example, is something that PD will be able to help us get started that we wouldn’t be able to do on our own.