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banner2namesPemberley Digital’s fanbase is breaking donation records to help their favorite fictional characters support 27 Million, a real-life charity fighting human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

An online fundraiser built into the interactive world of “Emma Approved” achieved its initial $1000 goal just over 24 hours after it was launched on June 9 – and the total is still growing.

In the latest episodes of Pemberley Digital’s popular web series, lifestyle coach and event planner Emma Woodhouse is hosting an audacious, high-profile bachelor/bachelorette auction to support human rights. She and three of her colleagues – Alex Knightley, Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill – agree to participate to raise money for charity.

Meanwhile, viewers who can’t attend the fictional auction are doing the next best thing – becoming part of the story by donating money online in the name of their favorite characters, in a friendly competition between the Emma Approved team.

The character with the highest total at the end of June “wins,” but all donations go toward the same goal – raising awareness and advocating for victims of human rights abuses.

“We are thrilled to combine the power of an interactive story with the passion of our dedicated fans to help raise funds and awareness for an important cause,” says executive producer Bernie Su. “The opportunity to use a classic fictional tale to have a positive impact on a real global issue is exciting to us, both as storytellers and people who care about bettering the world – just like Emma.”

The donations are managed through Everyday Hero and go to 27 Million, in partnership with non-profit organization El Pozo de Vida, in an effort to fight human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

“With an estimated 27 million human slaves around the world, it is inspiring to witness how people’s love for Pemberley Digital’s modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s fictional characters can help bring light to such a serious and real human rights issue,” says 27 Million events marketing director Josephine Chan. “With 27 Million launching our solitary app campaign in the imminent weeks, this innovative, fun, and creative collaboration with Pemberley Digital is coming at a wonderful time.”

About the cause

27 Million is a group of passionate individuals committed to taking a stand for human rights. Their mission is to support and resource the 45 and counting global grassroots organizations in their network that are working on-the-ground to fight human trafficking, so they can be more focused on rescuing, rehabilitating, and restoring victims.

In addition to the solitary app campaign, 27 Million will be re-launching its website to better connect supporters to tangible opportunities to join the movement and make an impact.

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