Life Advice: When is it good to gossip?

After the relevantly titled Ep: 53 – Gossip Girl, Emma writes a blog post in defense of gossiping.


The dictionary defines gossip as: “Information about the behavior and personal lives of other people.” Taken literally, that means every time we speak to someone about a third party who is not present, it’s automatically gossip, in which case it’s almost impossible to avoid. More updated definitions include terms like “sensational,” “intimate,” and “not confirmed as being true.” That indicates that gossip means talking about someone else’s private life, including speculation as well as facts, for entertainment value. But I believe there are plenty of occasions that warrant speaking about someone’s personal life with no malicious intentions whatsoever! If you’ve ever felt guilty for gossiping, been accused of gossiping, or been confused about what actually constitutes gossip, here are a few examples of when gossiping is helpful instead of hurtful.

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