Life Advice: Dealing with Envy

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In Episode 35, Alex teases Emma about being jealous of Jane Fairfax. Subsequently Emma writes a blog about how to work through feelings of envy.


“Jealousy and envy can be crippling emotions. When we spend our time looking at how others do things or at what they’ve accomplished and then find ourselves lacking in comparison, it takes away from the energy we could be using to move our own lives forward. It can be tough, though, to not fall into a chasm of self-doubt when we see someone who appears to do what we do, only better. Who everyone else seems to admire without reservation. Who seems to achieve all that we want without as much of the struggle we seem to face.

Instead of wasting time feeling small when faced with someone who stirs up jealousy, turn that emotion around to make it work for you instead of against you. Here are a few suggestions to turn envy into victory.”

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