How to Help Someone Who Doesn’t Want Help

In Episode 33, Alex asks Emma to help Maddy Bates, even though he knows that Maddy would never ask for help. In her blog post that follows, Emma explores techniques for helping people who are resistant to help.

















“As you know, it is my mission to make people’s lives better! While this may sound altruistic, in truth, I get far more in return from helping people than they do from me. Some people are adrenaline junkies; I get a similar rush from seeing someone incorporate positive changes and start living up to their potential.

Sometimes helping people can be tricky, though. Someone may not realize they have a problem or that a behavior pattern is getting in the way of their success. Admitting that you have flaws (word change) can be very scary. And even if someone does realize that they need to make some changes, pride may keep them from reaching out to others for assistance. Here are a few tips on helping someone help him or herself.”

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