Episode 45: Wickham Story Time

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Lizzie Bennet finds the truth about William Darcy, via the handsome and charming George Wickham.

Lizzie BennetAshley Clements
Lydia BennetMary Kate Wiles
George WickhamWes Aderhold

Executive Producer – Hank Green
Executive Producer – Bernie Su
Producer – Jenni Powell
Co-Executive Producer – Margaret Dunlap
Associate Producer – Rachel Kiley
Director – Bernie Su
Writer – Anne Toole
Cinematography – Jason Raswant
Assistant Director – Stuart Davis
Editor – Michael Aranda
Transmedia Producer – Jay Bushman
Transmedia Editor – Alexandra Edwards
Production Designer – Katie Moest
Makeup – Heather Begley
Assistant Camera – Katherine Begle
Intro Music and Graphics – Michael Aranda

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