Career Advice: Know Your Own Worth

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In Episode 35, Emma begins to help Maddy build up her business and posts tips on her blog for how to be successful in a career.


“Achieving your dreams and working towards your goals is a lifelong pursuit.  It can be much harder than you assumed, and it’s natural to feel impatient or stuck at times.  But the worst thing you can do is give up or settle.  It may be about the journey, not the destination, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying to get where you want to be.

Some of the most common reasons people settle for less than they deserve include a tendency to feel overly grateful for opportunities (especially since the recession), wanting to be appreciative of what they have instead of complaining about what they don’t, and judging themselves on their mistakes instead of their accomplishments.  All of these habits are part of trying to be a better person, but if taken too far, they turn into unhealthy behavior.  Unfortunately, women have been shown to be prone to succumbing to some of these habits.  Studies show women still make significantly less than men, and a huge reason behind this inequity is their avoidance of negotiating.  Of standing up and saying, “This is what I can do and you’re lucky to have me.”  They don’t know what they are worth and wait for someone to come along and tell them.”

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