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Q: When you started the LBD, what kind of audience did you guys envision and how has the audience now met your expectations or not?

A: Hank and I had no expectations going in because we didn’t know if people would even like it. Watch his intro video again from way back in April.
It’s fascinating if you consider the success of the series now with all the hesitations we had pre-launch. “Are people going to like this?” – “Is this any good?” – “Will people even understand what this is?”

If there’s a lesson to take from this it’s don’t be afraid to take risks. Or as Hank has  said, “don’t be afraid to try.”


Q: Loving the way LBD is going, Bernie! Cheers to the whole team! Is it weird being around so many good looking people all the time?!?

A: Thanks! Yeah it’s difficult but sometimes you gotta make sacrifices.


Q: Kind of wondering why Bing calls his best friend by his last name. I understand that to the general populace he’s known as Darcy, but I can’t think of anyone that I know in 21st Century America that has their best friends call them by their surname. This isn’t a complaint either, I was just wondering! Thanks for all the amazing work on the show!

A: It’s not last naming, it’s nicknaming. Friends do it to friends all the time and I do it to most of the team members on The LBD.  Ash, Kiley, M-K, C-Sean, I could go on and on.


Q: When do we get to see Darcy?

A: SHOCKER! I have never been asked this question EVER. Not by fans, not on tumblr, not by my friends in real life. 😛

Anyway, you’ll see him. When? – Well there have been a lot of good guesses and one of them is right.


Q: How did you come up with the wonderful Hipster! Darcy update?

A: It just kinda happened and we look forward to showing him to you.


Q: Hi Bernie, question for Saturday: I LOVE the LBD – I watch the show religiously and want it to be super successful because I love it so much. 🙂 How can I get the word out about the show?

A: Thanks! My philosophy in getting the word out is to tell “one to tell many”. I mean sure if you have a friend that’s a Jane Austen fan, they should at least check out The LBD (if they like it, great, if they don’t, oh well). But I like trying to tell someone or some organization that has the ear of lots of people. For example, I’ve been fascinated by the level of educational interest in the show (professors, libraries, schools), so I’d say to start there. Other places to target are media sites all the way down to your own social media destinations (which so many of you do so well). When you share it with your followers, FB friends, Tumblr, G+ whatever, you’re putting the show in front of a lot of people. Just don’t over do it because your friends may get sick of you 🙂


Q: First I wanted to say that I am not a crazy anxious person to see Darcy. Am I in the minority here? I don’t know, I like the wait! 🙂 But anyway, here’s the question: Do you ever look at the youtube comments for some thing that could happen in the future? Cause, some of those commentors are really creative! Or do you have every single thing planned out already?

A: I actually think there are just as many people patiently waiting for Darcy as there are people who are dying to see him. It’s just that the people who want to see him now are way more vocal.

For story, we have all the big events figured out. We need to have a solid framework so we know where the story is going. As for the comments, yes they are really creative, and yes sometimes they are right on with what we plan to do. I don’t know if it bugs the other members of the team when someone is totally accurate to how we’re gonna address something but I have no problem with it. It tells me that “the idea” has some weight.


Q: Are y’all planning to revamp another classic?

A: The LBD is a lot of fun and I want to keep it at a high level so I’m focusing my “revamping” skills on this one. When we get towards the end of the story we’ll see where everyone is at. So currently no plans… yet.


Q: Hi! Big fan and everything. I’m impressed by how you’ve handled such a daunting project so far, and was wondering if you could clue us in on your creative process. Did you map all of the weeks out before you began writing? Have there been many unexpected changes/additions along the way? How far ahead are episodes filmed and written? (Thanks, in advance.)

A: Thanks! This is by far the hardest and most daunting creative project I’ve ever taken on. It wouldn’t be what it is if not for the hardworking team working with me. This is far, far, far from a one person show (in front or behind the camera). I remember Hank saying at the Vidcon panel that something like this (right book, right skill set, right person) could be done with literally one person, I remember thinking to myself, wow… that would be REALLY REALLY REALLY difficult. 😛 – But sure it could be done.

As for creative process? For me, I go through the book and the chapters we’re working on and pick out what I feel are important character moments/plot points. – But again, it’s not all me. There have been several times where one of the writers picks out a moment in the story that I missed or didn’t give much value to.

Then the writing team comes together and we “break” out the next block of episodes. For example the “Netherfield” arc was rough outlined in one evening with all of us sitting around one table.

After the episodes are outlined they’re assigned to each of the writers and they go write them. Once they’re done, they turn them into me, I do my pass on them and then we rehearse with the actors (and writers), where more changes happen. I’ve never worked in television on a TV show but I’m told that this process is similar to many TV show writer rooms. So I guess I look at this process like making a mini-TV show.

How far ahead we are totally fluctuates depending on where we are in the process and where we are in the story. But the person on the team who is the furthest ahead in the story is me and I’m about three months ahead.


Q: Are you guys planning on providing captions for episodes 23 and above? It makes it much easier for me to understand what is going on (I am hard of hearing).

A: Yes. My sincerest apologies on that. For some reason YouTube doesn’t auto caption for us anymore. Before we would go in and just correct the auto generated file, so it wouldn’t take very long. Now we have to hand caption everything and it takes some time. If anyone wants to volunteer to help us out email


This also includes anyone that wants to volunteer to translate for us. We have a few languages covered but we could always use the help.

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