Brent Bailey Audition Reel w/ James Brent Isaacs

Watch Brent Bailey as he auditions for the roles of George Wickham and William Darcy, before finally finding a place at Pemberley in the role of Alex Knightley. Featuring an introduction by James Brent Isaacs, along with appearances by Mary-Kate Wiles, Ashley Clements, and Joanna Sotomura!

Brent Bailey Audition Reel w/ James Brent Isaacs: Emma Approved

Alex KnightleyBrent Bailey –
Bobby MartinJames Brent Isaacs –
Lydia Bennet – Mary-Kate Wiles –
Lizzie BennetAshley Clements –
Emma WoodhouseJoanna Sotomura –

Executive Producer – Bernie Su –
Executive Producer – Hank Green –
Producer – Tracy Bitterolf –
Director – Bernie Su –
Editor – Cara Ferraro –
Social Media Manager – Christina Cooper –
Associate Producer – Ariana Nedelman
Graphic Designer – Becca Rodrigues –

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