Ask Iggy Ep: 6 – Frankenstein, MD

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Ask Iggy Ep: 6 – Frankenstein, MD

Iggy answers more of your pressing science and medical questions! Unless it’s about the dead guy. Let’s just…not talk about the dead guy…

Tweet him your questions at @IggyDeLacey and use the hashtag #AskIggy

Iggy DeLaceySteve Zaragoza

Executive Producer – Bernie Su
Executive Producer – Matt Vree
Executive Producer – Hank Green
Co-Executive Producer – Lon Harris
Co-Executive Producer – Brett Register
Producer – Tracy Bitterolf
Director – Brett Register
Writers – Lon Harris
Cinematography – Eric Clark
Editor – Cara Ferraro
Transmedia Editor – Christine Linnell
Associate Producer – Ariana Nedelman
Science Advisor – Joe Hanson
Assistant Editor – Brennan Barsell
Production Designer – Katie Moest
Stylist – Jessica Snyder
Propmaster – Audrey Lee
Makeup – Roxanne Pike
Intro Music – Sally Chou
Intro Design – Andrew Swaner
Social Media Manager – Christina Cooper
Graphic Designer – Becca Rodrigues

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