All your Pemberley favorites are in “Muzzled the Musical”!

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The Kickstarter-funded, Matthew Mercer-created fanciful musical “Muzzled the Musical” is finally here, and it stars a bunch of your favorite Pemberley actors: Ashley Clements, Mary Kate Wiles, Maxwell Glick, Brendan Bradley and more familiar faces from YouTube! Check out the first episode above (and then watch episodes 2 and 3).

What’s Muzzled about, you ask?


To the Royal Kingdom of Serenadia, where singing is power. With the right song, you can bring peace to the downtrodden, bake a delicious birthday cake… even KILL! 

Hence, the Golden King has decreed all Blackhearts must bear the Muzzle: a magic tattoo that punishes those who try to sing.

See, the Kingdom was once ravaged by years of bloody musical warfare waged between the Golden King and the Black Matron. Now, twenty years after the King’s dulcet baritone restored peace to the land, the Matron’s teen daughter Malfalia is determined to shed her Muzzle and sing. So Malf sneaks off to meet her idol, Princess Ambrosia… only for Ambrosia to cruelly trick her into triggering her Muzzle and, quite satisfied, leave her screaming on the cold Kingdom asphalt.
But Malfalia – even writhing, heartbroken and humiliated – is still her mother’s daughter. She sings through the pain, shatters her Muzzle and vows revenge: to masquerade as a princess, infiltrate and destroy royal society… then free her fellow Blackhearts from the tyranny of the Muzzles!
Remember to watch all three episodes of season one, like them and share them with your friends, and tweet at our lovely Pemberley cast members how much you love the show (and the songs!). You can also tune in to Twin Galaxies Live on Twitch at 9EST/6PT TODAY (10/26/2015) for a two-hour live stream with Q&A and live commentary on the episodes!

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