Dana Shaw

Dana Shaw is the Transmedia Editor of Welcome to Sanditon.

Dana had cancer as a kid. She lied about how she got the badass scar that snakes around her stomach, telling people that she had been shanked by a clown in downtown Baltimore city. (Apparently nephrectomies aren’t considered cool by kindergarten standards.) That’s how she got her start in telling stories.

She believes in the power of media to start conversations and ultimately connect people to the story, the story world, and each other. She is fascinated by the breakdown between audience and creator/performer inherent to interactive storytelling. She also just plain enjoys long form storytelling, in any medium.

She was the Creative Director on The Wall Will Fall, the TV Tropes alternate reality game that ran from September through December of 2012. She is about to begin her final year in USC’s screenwriting MFA program and is actively freelancing for Pemberley Digital and for other projects.