How to Participate

Short Version:

1) Make up a character or persona you want to play
2) Create your persona’s profile on the Domino Beta site
3) Record and upload your own in-character videos, photos and blog posts
4) Create your persona’s social media accounts (Twitter, Tumblr, where ever you like) and interact with the rest of Sanditon.

Longer Version:

Since we first announced “Welcome To Sanditon,” we’ve been saying the you, the audience, would be able to take part in the story by becoming residents of the town.  But how do you become a resident of a fictional town? Through the magic of the Internet of course!

Gigi Darcy has come to Sanditon to run a test of the Domino communication app.  In the world of the story, she has given the beta of Domino to everyone in the town.  They will use the app to record themselves throughout their regular day-to-day activities.

In reality, what that means is that you can record videos of yourselves in-character, take photos and write posts, and publish them on a central portal that functions as the main Domino repository. We’ve partnered with Theatrics to create that Domino portal for you. Or you can portray your character on any social media platform or combination of platforms that you like.


Q: Do I have to follow the transmedia or the fan-created townspeople in order to understand the videos?

A: No, you do not. The official episodes of Welcome to Sanditon will tell a complete story by themselves. Everything else is supplementary. The transmedia may help deepen your understanding of the characters, and the fan-created Sanditon will allow you to feel like you are part of their world—but neither is necessary to keep up with.

Q: Where do I find other people or characters?

A: The Domino Beta Portal can function as an in-story directory for all the residents of the town. Look for the “Personas” link. We have also reserved a wiki for your use to document both in-story and out-of-story elements of the show.

On Twitter, there is an updated list of fan-created in-character accounts. We’re going to keep this list as current as possible, but if you don’t find your account on it, let us know and we’ll add it as soon as we can. There is also a list of official in-story accounts.

Q: I thought you had to pay through the Kickstarter to be a character in Sanditon?

A: Everybody can be a character in the world of Sandtion.  We have two special characters whose Kickstarter pledges mean their contributions will be highlighted throughout the series:  Head Librarian Robyn Worth and visiting Australian novelist Sarah Richard-Preston

Q: Somebody already has a character type/business/location very close to mine. Can I still use it?

A: Yes, you can. Many towns have more than one cafe, gas station, biker gang, eccentric millionaire or ninja squad.  So can Sanditon. We only ask that you do not try to tear down or invalidate someone else’s contribution.  And always remember the first rule of improvisation.

Q: Can I play a character from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries?

A: You cannot play a canonical character, but you can play unofficial versions of those characters if you like. See Improbably Clueless Bing or Lizzie!Mrs.Bennet for examples.

Q: There are so many accounts and characters. How am I supposed to keep track of it all?

A: You don’t have really have to keep track of all of it.  The larger and more complex the community becomes, the more we hope you’ll be able to explore and discover, meet new people and explore new stories with them. In reality, no two people will experience their time in Sanditon the same way. Each of you will have your own unique story, your own individual path through the town, your own individual experience. No two versions of Sanditon will be the same.

Q: What if I just want to keep up with the videos and the official transmedia?

A: There are two ways to follow the official story thread. You can follow the official characters on their various social media accounts and see their updates the same way you’d see a friend’s. Or you can follow along, or just catch up, right on the front page of this site.

Q: Help! I’m having a problem with the Domino site and I can’t figure out what to do. Who do I contact? Should I tweet Gigi?

A: Tweeting your questions to Gigi is not the preferred troubleshooting path – she’s got her hands full.  For an overview of how the site works, see this guide. For technical issues, you can use the Support Form. Also, for news and updates on Domino, make sure to follow @DominoSupport.

Q: What are rules for participating in Welcome to Sanditon as a roleplayer?  Do you have guidelines for acceptable subjects for RP?

A: We could put a lot of legalese here, but it all boils down to this: Be kind to each other.The Theatrics platform has a specific terms of service that governs the content that gets uploaded. If we find contents on that portal that violates those terms, we will take it down.  We can’t control (or even effectively monitor) how people use platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, etc., but at the same time, we wouldn’t have embarked on this kind of project if we didn’t know that fans of TheLBD weren’t one of the best, most supportive communities on the Internet.  Basically, we trust you to play responsibly, and to handle conflicts with sensitivity when they come up.  We encourage all participants to be mindful of how their stories may impact the community, but also ask everyone to keep in mind that, unless you’re creating it yourself, you may not be in a “safe” space.