Vaughn Wilkinson

Vaughn Wilkinson plays Beau Griffiths in Welcome to Sanditon.

Raised in Tampa FL by way of Brooklyn NY, Vaughn always had a flair for drama and an affinity for the spotlight. After experiencing the rush of performing in front of a live audience in his elementary school’s talent show, Vaughn made it his life’s mission to become a performer and began to cultivate his talents in local community plays.

After moving to Los Angeles after high school, Vaughn joined the world-renowned Groundlings Comedy School, and later continued his studies at the prestigious Baron/Brown studio for Meisner training where he received career advice from celebrities such as Angela Basset, Adam Sandler, Taye Diggs, Magic Johnson, Halle Berry, and Tom Hanks.

Vaughn’s Television credits include 90210, America’s Most Wanted, and Disaster Date. He’s also appeared on numerous national commercials, most notably Red Robin, Wells Fargo, and KFC. Most recently before joining the cast of Welcome to Sanditon, Vaughn is proud to have starred in the award-winning independent film Against the Grain.

Vaughn thanks God for his flourishing career in Hollywood, and also his family and friends for providing a strong foundation for him to follow his dreams.


Vaughn Wilkinson appears in the following episodes: