The March Family Letters

Pemberley Digital presents The March Family Letters, a modern adaptation of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. The series follows the four March sisters as they make video diaries for their mother deployed overseas. The videos document their love, loss and struggle into adulthood.

Headstrong Jo is the instigator of the videos, but the project is an easy sell to self-centered Amy who begins to produce her own outlandish contributions for the series. The eldest, Meg, and introverted Beth are both reticent, but eventually get dragged into the production.

The series is created and produced by Cherrydale Productions. Behind the scenes videos can be seen on their production channel.

Episodes air every Tuesday and Friday at 9am PST on Pemberley Digital’s YouTube channel, with ancillary videos on the The March Family Letters channel. Additionally, you can follow the transmedia experience across every sister’s twitter, tumblr, and instagram accounts.