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The March Family Letters Ep. 34 – “Lesson Learned”

After much consideration and some help from Jo with the editing, I wanted to post this footage from the day after my, well, my night adventure. – Meg

The March Family Letters Ep. 34 – “Lesson Learned”


Meg MarchJessica Allen (http://instagram.com/jes.all)
Sallie Gardiner – Natasha Negovanlis (https://twitter.com/natvanlis)
Joan Brooke – Alejandra Simmons (https://twitter.com/jeniferaleja_s)


Executive Producer/Showrunner/Writer – Sarah Shelson
Executive Producer/Transmedia & Marketing- Lauren Evans
Producer – Wil Noack
Director – Shannon Litt
Cinematographer – Howard Wan
Production Designer – Giovanna Gatto
Audio Supervisor – Faustine Pelipel
Editor – Ryan Radersma
Audio-Post Production – Kevin Jung
Gaffer – Peter Paik
Hair & Make-Up/Production Assistant – Margarita Brighton
Transmedia Assistant – Livia Shelson
Continuity – Cindy Long
DMT – Kelly Nicole
Catering prepared by: Marilou Noack & Jean Castro.

Theme Song composed & performed by: Maccie Paquette
Series Graphics/Design by: Dennis Lieu
Amy’s Artwork by: Cassidy Civiero

Special Thanks: Cassondra Wilson

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