Q: Where did the idea to do this come from?

A: Hank Green came up with the idea of adapting a novel into a video blog. Pride and Prejudice is Hank and Katherine Green’s favorite book. Also it is in the public domain.

Q: Who runs the character’s social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Lookbook, Pinterest etc)?

A: The transmedia team (Jay Bushman, Alexandra Edwards, and Bernie Su) along with the support of the writing team.

Q: Why is Mr. Bingley now Bing Lee?

A: Answer here. 

Q: Why are there only three Bennet sisters?

A:  Original Answer here from Bernie. Original  Answer here from Hank

The character of Mary Bennet does eventually appear, reimagined as the Bennet sister’s cousin who is primarily featured in Lydia’s videos

The character of Kitty Bennett does eventually appear as Lydia’s cat, with her own twitter account

Q: How many writers are there on the show?

A: There have been eight credited writers on the show. Bernie Su, Margaret Dunlap, Rachel Kiley, Daryn Strauss, Anne Toole, Kate Rorick  Jay Bushman, and Hank Green.

Q: Where did you find the cast?

A: We used the casting service “Breakdown Express”.

Q: Why doesn’t Darcy or more characters video blog?

A: Answer here

Q: Did you always plan to do spinoffs from the beginning like Lydia’s and Maria’s? 

A: We always were considering having more than just Lizzie vlogging.

Q: Where is the Bennet house?

A: It’s in California somewhere north of Los Angeles and south of San Jose.

Q: Was the cast always meant to be diverse?

A: Yes. Modernized story set in the cultural melting pot of California, USA. Diversity required.

Q: Did you set out to have the Bennet girls be red heads?

A: No. That was a happy coincidence.

Q: Did you set out to have Charlotte, Bing, and Caroline be Asians?

A: Bing and Caroline yes. Charlotte no.

Q: Are you providing more captions for the hearing impaired or for other languages?

A: Currently on YouTube we provide options for English, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (Mexico).

YouTube also provides an automated caption translator for 300 languages.

Q: Was Darcy always intended to be a hipster?

A: Not in early development, but we committed to that pretty quick.

Q: How much of what’s said onscreen is scripted and what do the actors improv?

A: 99.99% is scripted. The actors do (and are encouraged to) provide feedback on what is on the page but that usually comes in rehearsal. By the time we roll the camera, everything is on the page. The exceptions are with the Q&A’s which are usually never rehearsed, but are still scripted.