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Bernie Su, the screenwriting and producing star behind the scenes of “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” is a fantastic person to talk to on the phone, because he sort of takes the question and gives you this mountain of free-form dialogue. Talking to Bernie Su is like talking to a jazz composition — you might get short little blips, or it may come as an opus in the form of a single, hyperkinetic run-on sentence.

This was my second time talking to Bernie on the phone — the first was way back when “Lizzie Bennet” was just a whisper on the lips of a ghost. Now, all these many months later and the “Lizzie Bennet” series is a bonafide phenom — a groundbreaking experiment in fan loyalty. With a humble Kickstarter DVD campaign that was turned massive by the fans to cap the series, Bernie and his creative team have blasted their names into the pop culture landscape. And now, they’re continuing their tradition of riveting web television by visiting the last of Jane Austen’s books — “Welcome to Sanditon,” an unfinished exploration of the tropes that mark an Austen wordscape.

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