Sibling Relationships: Tips for Transitioning to Adulthood

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With the arrival of her sister, Izzy, Emma writes a blog on sibling relationships.



“My sister is in town, and we’ve been having a blast! It’s wonderful to have someone in your life that you’ve known – literally – forever, and can share your deepest hopes and fears with. Siblings are the only people who have experienced growing up in the same household, with the same traditions, events and annoyances. A simple phrase, taste or physical gesture can bring back years of history in an instant. But sharing that frame of reference can also have a few drawbacks. We all grow and change, and it can be difficult for siblings to move beyond the roles we assumed when we were children. If brothers and sisters want to have successful adult relationships with one another, though, we need to be able to embrace the people we have each become. Here are a few thoughts on making that transition.”

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