Science is Hard: A Frankenstein, MD Blooper Reel

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Anna Lore and Steve Zaragoza are fabulous actors, but memorizing and pronouncing so many scientific terms over and over again can make anyone a bit…loopy.

Science is Hard: A Frankestein, MD Blooper Reel

Victoria FrankensteinAnna Lore
Iggy DeLaceySteve Zaragoza
Rory ClervalSara Fletcher
Eli LavenzaBrendan Bradley
Dr. Abraham WaldmanKevin Rock

Executive Producer – Bernie Su
Executive Producer – Matt Vree –
Executive Producer – Hank Green
Co-Executive Producer – Lon Harris
Co-Executive Producer – Brett Register
Producer – Tracy Bitterolf
Co Producer –Tamara Krinsky
Director – Brett Register
Editor – Cara Ferraro –
Social Media Manager – Erica Cohn –
Graphic Designer – Becca Rodrigues –

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