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Pemberley Digital

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Welcome to a new year at Pemberley Digital. We are all back in the offices and we have some great things coming.Pemberley Digital
If the first couple days are a reflection of the year to come, then I will be spending much of 2013 in meeting rooms in Los Angeles.William Darcy
@ggdarcy the eagle has landed.Fitz Williams
@FitzOnTheFitz didn’t you see his last tweet? He’s nowhere near here.Gigi Darcy
@ggdarcy No! He is the tiger. SHE is the eagle.Fitz Williams
@FitzOnTheFitz Why is she the eagle?Gigi Darcy
@ggdarcy Because eagles are awesome!Fitz Williams
@FitzOnTheFitz That’s it?! Isn’t the eagle supposed to be symbolic of something? Metaphor?Gigi Darcy
@ggdarcy The eagle represents the bird that the tiger has the hardest time catching and if he isn’t careful he’ll be hurt by her talons.Fitz Williams
@FitzOnTheFitz But wouldn’t the tiger kill the eagle if he caught her? 🙁Gigi Darcy
@ggdarcy Are we seriously talking about this right now?Fitz Williams
@FitzOnTheFitz I’m just kidding! 🙂 I have the um… net?? ready. I already talked to HR.Gigi Darcy
@ggdarcy this’ll be fun to watch. =)Fitz Williams
It’s Day 1 of @PemberleyDig! Time to take the tour.Lizzie Bennet
Wow! This place is amazing. Now to find a quiet place to film my video.Lizzie Bennet
So that was an eventful and unexpected first day at @PemberleyDig. New video on Monday!Lizzie Bennet

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