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Robert gets inspired by Victoria’s experiment with cryogenics in Ep: 6- Frozen Rats


Thanks so much to everyone who gave me feedback on the opening scene of my latest short film. I was hoping to have another chunk of it to share with you today, but it’s been tough to get anything done while editing Frankenstein, MD and prepping for my trip to Alaska. I’m so psyched to check out the glaciers (while they still exist), and I’m going to bring a GoPro camera with me so I can capture some cool footage while we’re hiking.

Speaking of cool things, both my trip and the latest episode of the show have my mind spinning about cryonics. The idea that we can essentially ward off death by turning someone into a popsicle is a great cinematic device. Aside from the fact that it lends itself to some awesome special effects, it also taps into larger themes about life and death, which are rich territory for screenplay development.

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