How to Dress for a First Date

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In Episode 18 – Practice Date, Emma has Elton and Harriet practice a first date scenario. In her blog, she gives some fashion tips for how to approach this potentially stressful experience.


“A single day is not a lot of time to get to know someone, but when it comes to dating, that’s all you’ve got.  One day, one activity, and one person who may or may not be the one you’ve dreamed of.  Just in case they are, you’ll want to make the best impression possible, and you only have so many tools at your disposal.  The first and most crucial of these is how you look.  I’m not saying looks are everything, or not to be true to yourself.  On the contrary, it’s imperative that you look like you, but make sure it’s the best version of you.  Make an effort!   Just as you hope that this person is everything you want them to be, dress the way you’ve always hoped you could look.  Be smart about what you choose.  If you don’t plan correctly, you might find yourself cold, overheated, uncomfortable, embarrassed or in pain: all of which will affect your behavior throughout the date.  So here are a few quick examples of what to wear depending on what you’re doing, and how to make the most or your night.”

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