Gigi goes to SXSW

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Gigi goes to SXSW

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Last minute work trip to #SXSW – yikes! Cue frantic packing and planning before my flight to Austin on Friday.Gigi Darcy
@ggdarcy Look at you getting your all-expenses-paid travel on. This for the Domino project?Fitz Williams
.@fitzonthefitz Yeah! I’ll have more details shortly, but it looks like I’ll be setting up talks for the future of the app.Gigi Darcy
@ggdarcy You’re such a rock star. Have fun, be safe, eat some bbq while you’re there!Fitz Williams
Listening to this while I pack… <a href="" class="">…</a>Gigi Darcy
@ggdarcy Haim is going to be doing a couple showcases at SXSW. Do you plan on trying to see one? Any other bands you plan on maybe seeing?Evie
@cuttlefishii Sad to say I’ll only be around for Interactive, so I won’t get to see any showcases. Maybe some unofficial early shows though!Gigi Darcy
Just touched down in Austin! Hotel check-in, then barbecue. #prioritiesGigi Darcy
OMG so. full. of. food.Gigi Darcy
Here’s the announcement! RT @PemberleyDig: Pemberley Digital opens rolling submissions for Domino partner communities <a href="" class=""></a>Gigi Darcy
Full day of interviews w/ potential #Domino partners. Don’t forget to submit your community – tweet @PemberleyDig with how you’d use the appGigi Darcy
The @PemberleyDig team has met with so many wonderful and creative people today. Thanks to everyone who applied in person and online!Gigi Darcy
SXSW surprise! We caught up with @ggdarcy and got to chat about @pemberleydig, Domino, and more! <a href="" class="">…</a>LeakyNews
So much fun! “@LeakyNews: @ggdarcy great to chat with you at SXSW! You’re up here: <a href="" class="">…</a> :D”Gigi Darcy
Sadly, no. I already flew home & am back at work. No rest for this girl! RT @a_harris88: @ggdarcy are you going to be at sxsw all week?Gigi Darcy

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