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I started to get interested in adapting Pride and Prejudice for the internet a few years ago. Mostly because my wife loves P&P so much that I wanted to make something that she would love, I think. It’s a beautiful story, very personal, very evocative and, importantly, in the public domain.

It didn’t escape me that the most popular web series have the characters talking to cameras. Lonely Girl, The Guild, Dr. Horrible…I think it’s partially because of what we’re used to on the internet. An introduction to the characters in a familiar way before breaking into a more traditional episode.

With “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” I wanted to do something bigger than that. I want to tell the story almost entirely from Lizzie’s perspective by her telling the story to us. It’s very unusual, there are no proven successes in this format so it’s really risky. Of course, fictional vlogs have worked before, think FRED but this is, uhh…very different from that.

This project is completely different than anything I’ve ever done. I owe huge thanks to all of the people who helped put this together. And I’ll have more people to thank as well soon…namely, you.

Because this project is one that needs love near and far to get it to an audience big enough to sustain it. Otherwise, we’ll just have eight episodes and no one will ever know what happens with Lizzie and Jane and Mr. Collins and Bingley and, of course, Darcy.

So spread the word however you can. Follow Lizzie on tumblr andtwitter, and reblog whenever you can. And, of course, Subscribe.

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