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Oh hey there. How was your hiatus? Love the new haircut. What’s that you say? You missed us? That’s so sweet! We missed you too!

So we’ll admit that we dropped the ball on Fanart Friday last week. But think of it this way: where Fanart Friday is a retrospective on a great week, this unique Fanart Monday can be a great prospective on the week to come. Get inspired to make great art this week by our picks from last week!

Here’s the line up:

tumblr_n6d9ggNrF81rao0u9o7_r1_250 tumblr_n6d9ggNrF81rao0u9o8_250

tumblr_n6d9ggNrF81rao0u9o3_250 tumblr_n6d9ggNrF81rao0u9o1_250

tumblr_n6d9ggNrF81rao0u9o2_r1_250 tumblr_n6d9ggNrF81rao0u9o5_250

tumblr_n6d9ggNrF81rao0u9o4_r1_250 tumblr_n6d9ggNrF81rao0u9o6_r1_250

Emma Approved/Game of Thrones crossover posters by Lucy Montero


tumblr_n6ejj65gg51rsz9pmo1_500 (1)

B-Mart drawing by elyntrea


tumblr_n6jv2qQ8yC1qizcd2o1_500 tumblr_n6hbn3bopP1qizcd2o1_500

Emma and Harriet collages by moon-raisin



Jemma Poster by beesgiggle

We’ll be back later this week on Friday. In the mean time check out our super exciting real world charity campaign that’s accompanying this month’s Emma Approved arc!

We’ll always be on the lookout for new and inspiring art, but if you want to direct our attention to something in particular simply post it to our wall or tag it with #FanArtFriday and #PemberleyDigital.

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