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Time for a new tradition! Transmedia storytelling is all about interactivity and fostering a dynamic fan community, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t highlight some of the fantastic work that you guys have been producing surrounding Emma Approved. After all, adaptation is just one step away from fan art; we’re basically doing Jane Austen fanart ourselves. And all of you are so talented, we’re happy to boost the visibility of your work in whatever way we can.

Over the past week, we’ve started to reblog fanart on tumblr, and we’ll continue to do that Mondays through Thursdays. On Fridays, we’ll highlight our favorites of the week.

Our picks this week include:

EA_knit hat

Emma Approved Knit Hat, by Kelsey 


tumblr_n1e2qbfmNo1su03s6o1_r6_500 (1)

Emma Approved Character Poster, by Anna



Mid-Production Sketch, by Katie 



Simmification of Izzy Knightley, by nanie93



Emma and Alex Illustration, by Amelia 

Thank you to these ladies for investing their time and skills. Keep making Emma Approved fanart and we’ll keep loving it!

We’ll always be on the lookout for new and inspiring art, but if you want to direct our attention to something in particular simply post it to our wall or tag it with #FanArtFriday and #EmmaApproved.

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