Fanart Friday

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Just as the sun rises, so Friday comes again. So wonderfully predictable. It never lets you down.

And we don’t want to let you down either. Just as you keep on creating amazing fan art, we keep on working on new projects, new scripts and a whole lot of new and exciting things we can’t actually talk about. But we promise it’s going to be good, guys!

But we can talk about our picks of fan art for this week. Here’s our line-up:



EA/LBD Gif by Rebecca



Knighthouse Portrait by Aradine




Emma Outfit Retrospective by Emma-Tobias



tumblr_n4iyy9KXYq1svfv1to2_r1_250   tumblr_n4iyy9KXYq1svfv1to3_r1_250

2048: Emma Approved Edition by Pauline

We hope you keep up the good work and find solace in the awesome Pemberley Digital community while you deal with Emma Approved withdrawal.

We’ll always be on the lookout for new and inspiring art, but if you want to direct our attention to something in particular simply post it to our wall or tag it with #FanArtFriday and #PemberleyDigital.

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