Fanart Friday

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Another week, another Fanart Friday!

Things that have happened this week: Harriet’s Music Club received 6 more covers, a certain relationship was revealed, and Caroline Lee is proving to be a delightful client of the month.*

Other things that have happened this week: You’ve continued to be wonderful, thoughtful, fans.

Here’s our lineup of fanart:


Harriet’s Music Club Poster by beesgiggles

tumblr_n3ml0aLn6J1qelf9io1_250  tumblr_n3ml0aLn6J1qelf9io3_r1_250

Emma Bennet and William Knightley by Ana


Bennet Sisters Drawing by Martina


Knighthouse reflection by Kate

*Though the Future Mrs. Voldemort is wrecking havoc at Emma Approved, Jessica Andres has been a pleasure to have back at Pemberley Digital!

We’ll always be on the lookout for new and inspiring art, but if you want to direct our attention to something in particular simply post it to our wall or tag it with #FanArtFriday and #PemberleyDigital.

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