Fanart Friday

Filed in News by on March 22, 2014

Let’s be frank, Stephen Chang is hot. At least that’s what the majority of you seem to think. Well, we’re glad you approve. Luckily you’ve taken some time to stop listening to his voice on repeat and create some amazing fan art (as always).

Check out or featured pieces of the week:


Lizzie Drawing by Holly



Cinderella GIF by Becca



Marriet Poster by in-love-with-loneliness



Alex vs. Frank screen cut by Kate

Pretty great, right? You all are so talented. We hope you have fun this weekend! We’ll be shooting the next month of Emma Approved, so obviously you won’t be having as much fun as we are. But try.

We’ll always be on the lookout for new and inspiring art, but if you want to direct our attention to something in particular simply post it to our wall or tag it with #FanArtFriday and #PemberleyDigital.

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