Frequently Asked Questions about the series Emma Approved.

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Q: When and where do the videos air?

A: Episodes air on Mondays and Thursdays  9AM pst on the Pemberley Digital YouTube channel.

Q:  Are there bonus videos? 

A: Yes, thus far they’re on the Emma Approved YouTube Channel.

Q:  Where are all the Social Accounts that part of Emma’s World?

A: They are listed here.

Q: This is all so confusing. Is there one simple place to watch the videos?

A: Yes this playlist.

Q: Is Emma Approved in the same “universe” as The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Welcome to Sanditon?

A: Yes.

Q: Why is Knightley called “Alex” instead of “George”?

A: Since we’re in the same universe as LBD and the names George and Georgiana have been established we wanted to differentiate our “George Knightley”.

Q: What is Hank Green‘s involvement with the show?

A: Hank Green is an Executive Producer of the series. He participates in the overseeing of the company that is Pemberley Digital and its properties.

Q: What is Bernie Su‘s  involvement with the show?

A:  He is the head writer and showrunner. He also directs many of the episodes. He does not write all the episodes.

Q: Who runs all the social accounts? Do the actors write the tweets?

A:  The Interactive team runs the social accounts and writes the tweets.

Q:  Why are the episodes of Emma Approved on Pemberley Digital’s YouTube Channel?

A:  The business reason for this is that Pemberley Digital will hopefully have a long future of adapting novels into the YouTube format. Thus we are putting all of our future shows on one channel, being Pemberley Digital. This way we do not have to drive people to new youtube channels when new shows come out.

Do not be surprised if you see multiple shows running simultaneously on the channel.

The creative reasons are explained in the next answer.

Q: Will Emma be making  Q&A videos? 

A: This is TBD. We are experimenting with other ways of doing bonus videos but Emma doing Q&A videos are possible.

Q: Are they using Domino?

A: They are using communication software that is eerily similar to domino.

Q: Why does Emma have  two cameras? 

A: Creatively this was done so that you could have the closeup interface and intimacy of a Welcome to Sanditon combined with the side by side banter of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

In world wise, the idea of Emma Woodhouse incorporating multiple recording devices to “document her greatness” is in play. It is not out of the question to wonder why she wouldn’t incorporate more.

Q: Are Emma’s Videos “in world”?

A: Read answer here. But the short answer is no. Every video or reference to a video is out of world.

Q: How can the videos be out of world? That ruins the interactive experience that was The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

A: It does make the experience feel different. In order to tell the Emma story successful, we needed to make sure that  her methods will be effective. This would be difficult if she is life-casting to the world and all her friends and clients are aware of this.

But experience wise you still potentially have the same 3 “Emmy Award” winning interactive experiences, just a little different.

  1. The ability to interact with characters. You can still do this via social, no different than LBD.
  2. The ability to learn more about the characters. We’re still early but right now the singular Emma Woodhouse experience is arguably more vast than any singular character on the LBD. This is an experience we will grow as we go. We just started.
  3. The ability to see other characters POV. This is TBD – Again, we just started.