Alexis Boozer

Alexis Boozer plays Annie Taylor in Emma Approved.

Once upon a time, SoCal-residing Southerner Alexis Boozer was asked to describe herself in 6 words. “I feed the ones I love” was her quick response.  Alexis is thrilled to inject her personal culinary passions into the role of Annie Taylor.  When not aspiring to Emma Approved levels of domestic demi-goddess-ery, Alexis can be found (though not easily recognized) working on another hit web series, Leap Year.  She has appeared in over 30 short film, TV and theatre productions, several national commercials and feature films Being Awesome, The Confessional, Life Noir and No Greater Love.  Alexis holds a BA in Drama from Stanford University where she won the Evelyn M. Draper Prize for Performance.  She makes a mean peach cobbler.

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Alexis appears in the following episodes: