BTS: Will we see Darcy and Bing Lee?

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Hi Everyone,

So we’re now 4 weeks (8 episodes) into the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Those of you who are following along in the book should know that we are now through Chapter 5. I’d like you know that though we’ve been pretty linear thus far, we’ll definitely be shifting things around a bit in our story. Some things will happen sooner, some later, and some not at all. That’s the nature of an adaptation.

Anyway, so big (and very frequent question) of the week.

Will we ever see Darcy and Bing Lee?

Seriously look at that, three tumblr questions in a row all asking/wondering it. So my short answer.

YES we will.

Of course the next question you’re all going to ask is WHEN or as I like to paraphrase from the many comments on the YouTubes.


So the answer here is a little more cryptic, which I mentioned in this Tweet a few days ago. But to expand on that, here’s how it works. What we’re watching is Lizzie’s diaries. As Lizzie is an open, vocal, and idealistic young woman there are many things that are sacred to her that she doesn’t want to share.  Even if you counter with saying, “well other vloggers are totally open with everything”. I’d counter back with, there is no way they are sharing EVERY personal detail of their life. Some may share more details than others but everyone has stuff they want to keep private from everyone else. Point is everything that they choose to tell/shows us they are comfortable sharing (consciously or subconsciously).

So where does that leave our Lizzie?

Well we know she’ll show us her room, but we’re only seeing the specific part of her room that she’s comfortable showing us. We’re not seeing her bed, or her desk, or her closet, these are spaces that are just a little more intimate to her than say a bookshelf full of the books she reads.

Then what about the boys? Does that mean we’ll never see them because we’re stuck in her room?

No. It means that she has to either want to show them to us (like whenever Jane appears), or be forced to show them to us (like every time Lydia bursts in). So when is that more likely to happen? Well the idea of Darcy (the most hated person in her life atm) showing up in her room while she’s vlogging seems pretty absurd at this point in the story, so it’s certainly not imminent. But let’s remember (to those familiar with the book) that she doesn’t always LIVE in that room. Events happen in her life that force her to not live in that house so those will be some fun twists and turns ahead.

So in closing, I’d like to remind everyone that though we’re adapting Pride and Prejudice, we’re really telling it from Lizzie’s POV. So right now this is really the story of her and currently the three most important people in her life.

The pictures were taken by Mary Kate Wiles (aka Lydia) and the collage was done by Laura Spencer (aka Jane). Nothing to do with the narrative, but what a cool picture set right?

Thanks again for watching the show and supporting us.

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