BTS: The Polarizing Lydia Bennet.

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I’ve been wanting to post about Lydia for a while and now that we’ve temporarily split her off from Jane and Lizzie I feel it’s now a great time to do it.

Lydia is such a polarizing character in our version.  You either REALLY love her or apparently, really dislike her.  Personally I’m glad that this character is giving our audience such a polarizing reaction. A reaction I doubt she ever got in the book.

I do wonder if anyone who’s read the original novel came out of it going “OMG Lydia is my favorite character!”?  – Seriously… anyone?

Btw, that was one of my favorite comments we’ve ever gotten. If you’re an LBD Lydia lover then you know the answer to that question is a NO.

My Mother, who’s a big P&P fan and a big inspiration of why I took on this project, was really impressed with our Lydia… (granted she’s my Mom and is thus biased). But seriously  she’s a huge P&P fan. She’s watched all the movies, all the miniseries, and reads the book every couple of years. She’s may not be an Austenite but she LOVES Pride and Prejudice and believe it or not she LOVES our Lydia. When Lydia comes on screen, she gets a big smile on her face and can’t stop laughing.

She pointed out how much she hated the original Lydia, not that the character was poorly executed but hated in the “this girl is so immature, silly, embarrassing, out of control, and selfish” way, basically how I’m speculating Austen intended her to be. Oh and I’d like to point out that our Lydia is still ALL of those things.

So to me, if you dislike our Lydia then well she’s doing what the original character was supposed to do for you. So if you hate our Lydia, well that’s perfectly fine, cause originally you were supposed to dislike her. She was supposed to drive you crazy, because she drove her family crazy.

But if you like our Lydia, well then we succeeded in taking a character that was pretty annoying and obnoxious and turned her into one of the great spectacles of our series. We’re doing our best to give her layers and depth. It’s meant to be subtle but it’s there and we’ll continue doing it. She’ll still do what she does in the narrative but now she’ll be  a fun person to watch grow, develop, and “be Lydia”.

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Let’s look at the facts in the book:

  1. Lizzie is afraid Lydia will become ”a flirt in the worst and meanest degree of flirtation… — Vain, ignorant, idle, and absolutely uncontrolled!”
  2. “Elizabeth had frequently united with Jane in an endeavour to check the…

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