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Hey Everyone,

Wow it’s been a crazy exciting week for us at The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. First we sent Lizzie and Jane the Netherfield putting them face to face with Caroline and Bing Lee. Looking at the stats it’s safe the say that this week has been the biggest week for us thus far. Episodes 27 and 28 are our two most commented episodes ever for obvious reasons.

But that isn’t all, earlier this week we announced that we’re going to LeakyCon and we could not be more excited. I look forward to meeting some of you there and hope you can make it out.

And our final surprise… Lydia Bennet started making her own videos! Yes we spun off a web series that is only 13 weeks old and we brought in our fourth new cast member, (cousin) Mary Bennet.

Anyway, I’m gonna take the time to answer several of my overflowing tumblr inbox  questions. Note: I can’t answer all of them, some I don’t know the answers to, some I’ve already answered, and some I just don’t want to answer because I want you to enjoy the journey with us.

1st question…


Flockenkind was referring to this previous post and yes at that time we were casting 4 characters and yes Collins, Caroline, Bing, and Mary were the four we cast.

We didn’t announce Mary at Vidcon because frankly we simply forgot about her. —  JUST KIDDING!. Honestly we didn’t announce her because

1. We hadn’t finish casting her yet.

2. We didn’t want to announce or tip off the Lydia spinoff so early.

I will say that we’re now starting the process of casting ANOTHER character. – Fun times ahead.


Ah good question theunlikelylifeofher. We had this planned pretty early on and we teased that another character could be vlogging at somepoint. We all kinda knew it was going to be Lydia, if anything she felt like the only one who would actually do it. The girl is practically a narcissist after all. The question really was when.

Personally, in the whole “experimental storytelling” realm that this show continues to dive deeper into. We wanted to keep alive the stories of as many characters as possible during our journey and since we’re splitting Jane and Lizzie from Lydia for the time being I really wanted to answer the “What the heck is Lydia doing while her sisters are in Netherfield, question.”

Obviously this mini-story isn’t addressed at all in the book and so we get a lot of freedom here. I will say that Lydia’s vlogging right now remains an “experiment”. She probably won’t be vlogging continuously for the rest of the story but her and Mary will have their little adventure during the Netherfield arc, and hopefully Lydia will have another adventure when Lizzie leaves again.

And if you’re wondering about Charlotte. She’ll still live in Lizzie’s edits, but there really isn’t a clean way to bring her on screen in any of this. Her story is continuing in real time as are the rest of them we just wont be seeing it because she’s not going to show it to us.


Hello again cosettespeaks. I don’t mind people asking multiple questions. I mind people repeatedly asking questions that I clearly can’t answer. Like “Could you show me a picture of Darcy… pleaaaasse?!” =).

Anyway, Hank and I answered a version of this question at Vidcon and so far it hasn’t changed. Basically the “book” will take us about a year to do. Maybe exactly a year, maybe a little less, maybe a little more. – Basically think 12 months + or – 2 months.

I totally understand the note that we’ve been moving at a slow pace up until now. As for why we moved slower than pretty much every adaptation ever, the big reason was to setup and establish characters and relationships. There are some critiques of the novel that say that aside from Lizzie, Darcy, and maybe Jane, every other character was one dimensional. Whether or not you agree with that is up to you (I kind of half agree with it), but we really wanted to make sure every character felt multi-dimensional and alive. So that meant we needed to take time to REALLY setup critical characters like Charlotte and Lydia so that when “stuff” happens between them and Lizzie, we as an audience will feel the hit as strongly as Lizzie will.


Thanks Colourfully-minded. Well, we’re planning to go straight through to the end of the book but you never know what will happen.

If you asked Hank and I this question before we started I think you would have gotten different answers from both of us. I do kinda remember that we thought we’d take a break in the story right around episode 24, but as you can see we clearly didn’t.


Anyway thanks for the questions everyone, now back to working on the show.

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