BTS: More Characters – More Locations – and Vidcon

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From Amy on Facebook: “Hey, I love the vlogs A LOT, but after 18 episodes can there be more characters and vlogging locations? This show is too genius to be limited to four girls talking in one room. Thanks for considering :)”


Hi Amy, and everyone else!

So yeah we’re 18 episodes in, and still going strong. So I caught this question on Facebook and I figured I’d answer it here.

Before I get into it I’ll say that if you haven’t read the book, watched the movies or miniseries, and don’t plan to then I’ll say that you probably shouldn’t be reading my BTS posts. They’ll tend to get spoileree since I’ll reference the source material a lot.

To be clear I personally have no problem as to how you choose to experience our story.  It moves all of us creating the show when someone says “I love the book and I love the show” just as much as when someone says “I have never read the book but I love the show”. We’re trying to design it/tell it so that you don’t need to know the source material to enjoy it. Honoring the source material for the built-in audience while introducing it to new audiences.

So on to the question! – If you’ve been following my BTS posts you’ll know that I did say we’ll eventually get toBing and Darcy, and basically hinted that we will be moving locations. —- I’m not a fan of spoilers so I’ll remain vague, but the video diaries will go where Lizzie takes her camera, and if I remember the novel’s sequence correctly Lizzie’s journey goes something like this.

Hertfordshire (where the Bennet house is and where we are now) > Netherfield > Hertfordshire > London > Hunsford > Rosings > London > Hertfordshire > Pemberly > Hertfordshire.

Though we may not be following that sequence to the letter you can see that there is a clear roadmap of where we may be heading.

As for expanding the cast, I’ll say it is already happening. Again not to spoil specifics, but we are in the process of adding four new characters to the cast. Unless you’re an actor and following our casting breakdowns, I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to accurately guess which four we are adding.

Finally, to those of you who are going to Vidcon, and are planning to attend our Lizzie Bennet Diaries panel with Hank, myself, and our four current cast members, you’ll be in for some awesome “treats.” We’ll definitely have some surprises for you.

Our panel is on Saturday, June 30th at 1pm in room 205AB

Oh and I’m happy say that our panel moderator is the awesome Kristina Horner.

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