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Collins and Shooting at Vidcon.

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Ok first off, I’ll say that this is not shot on a green screen. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be flattered or not with the amount of comments thinking that it was but this was most definitely legit.

I’ll say that this episode and the one afterwards were by far the two hardest episodes that we’ve ever shot. For this episode, it’s a testament to Ashley, Julia, and Maxwell to pull off these long bits of dialogue literally on the floors of Vidcon. To be specific, we were on the 2nd Floor of the convention hall by room 212 around 10am on Saturday. There were literally dozes of people watching us film this, many of which clearly were fans of our show as they referred to Ashley, Laura, and Julia by name. – Those lucky fans were treated to seeing how we speed shoot an episode of our show. If anything, I was wondering if they could actually hear the dialogue and could piece together which character Maxwell was playing (since that wouldn’t be announced until a few hours later).

Anyway so Vidcon and introducing Collins. I’ll say that we didn’t know we were taking the story to Vidcon until about 6-7 weeks into the show, and really it was fortuitous timing and experimenting with making the show more and more meta. One thing I wanted to make sure of was that taking the show to Vidcon had to add to the story and/or drive the plot forward. I’m not sure if you think taking the series to Vidcon seems overtly gimmicky or not. I think someone like our Lizzie Bennet, who is a video blogger, who’s grown this audience almost overnight, would actually go to Vidcon but regardless there’s still that layer of it being a stunt/gimmick.

So whether or not you think this is a gimmick, we did our best to honor the show by making sure that both this episode AND Thursday episode drive the plot forward.

As for Collins himself, everyone who has read the book will have their own version of Collins and wether or not Maxwell fits that or is too “good looking” for the part. I for one never thought appearance was a factor here. It’s not that he’s bad looking, it’s just that he’s self absorbed, has a massive inferiority complex, and is incredibly socially awkward. – He’s perceived to be annoying, but like our show is, annoying is a Point of View. As Lydia is “annoying” to Lizzie while being loved by many of you, Collins, in a way,  will probably be the same.

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