Announcing Domino!

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Announcing Domino!

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What?! No "Go the distance"?!? “@sparklylulz: I imagine @ggdarcy & @FitzOnTheFitz singing in the background of "I Won’t Say I’m In Love"Fitz Williams
@FitzOnTheFitz BTW, thanks again for helping me out today!Gigi Darcy
@ggdarcy Anytime GGD!. Just remember that you’ll find your way… and that you can go the distance!!!Fitz Williams
@FitzOnTheFitz please stop.Gigi Darcy
@ggdarcy Well someone didn’t get invited to a certain karaoke excursion, just saying.Fitz Williams
@FitzOnTheFitz Sorry! But now my feed is exploding with song lyrics, you happy?Gigi Darcy
@ggdarcy As your brother says, this is what they call payback. =)Fitz Williams
We’re putting the finishing touches on an incredible announcement this week.Pemberley Digital
Announcing Domino! An incredible communication application from the Pemberley Digital Labs. — w/ @ggDarcyPemberley Digital
Thanks @FitzOnTheFitz! “@PemberleyDig: Announcing Domino! An incredible application from the Pemberley Digital Labs. Darcy

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