An exciting week

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An exciting week

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"All things are difficult before they are easy. " – Thomas Fuller – May this week be an exciting one.Pemberley Digital
I liked a @YouTube video from @thelizziebennet Corporate Interview – Ep: 83Gigi Darcy
So much smiling. =) (@YouTube Darcy
@ggdarcy That was awesome!Fitz Williams
Even impressions of me are awesome. “@desiEmma: @FitzOnTheFitz how are you feeling about @wmdarcy’s impersonation? I think its spot on :)”Fitz Williams
For employees: Monday, February 4 is an optional holiday due to the Super Bowl. Go 49ers!Pemberley Digital
Yo @ggdarcy, we’re still on for the game this Sunday, right?Fitz Williams
@FitzOnTheFitz Yes! We’ll be there. Should we bring anything?Gigi Darcy
@ggdarcy Nah, got it covered. Though you could remind you know who that she’s invited….Fitz Williams
@FitzOnTheFitz Will do!Gigi Darcy

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