A Surprise Purchase

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An exchange between Caroline Lee, Bing Lee, and William Darcy

A Surprise Purchase

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hey, @that_caroline @wmdarcy you’ll never guess what I just did.Bing Lee
@bingliest you’re right. I won’t.Caroline Lee
@bingliest what did you do now? I shudder.William Darcy
@that_caroline @wmdarcy you know how I was threatening to buy a place while I was out here?Bing Lee
@bingliest you didn’t.William Darcy
@wmdarcy I didBing Lee
@bingliest omg where?!Caroline Lee
@that_caroline a place called NetherfieldBing Lee
@bingliest you can’t be seriousCaroline Lee
@bingliest I should hold on to your wallet for you.William Darcy
@that_caroline @wmdarcy You guys are going to LOVE it!Bing Lee
@bingliest @that_caroline Not likely.William Darcy

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