A Darcy Video Blog?

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Hey Everyone,

Twelve episodes in and WOW does time fly. I hope you all appreciated our bonus Q&A video from two weeks ago. The team worked hard to make all of Lizzie’s answers both rewarding and entertaining. I also still laugh thinking about Mary Kate’s double shushing, it’s definitely one of my favorite moments in the show thus far.

Those of you who are following along in the book should know that we are now into Chapter 6. And those of you who know the book well know that Chapter 6 is a BIG chapter. Thus it’s safe to say that we’ll be spending several videos here.

So topic of the week: I’ve been seeing a few, okay a lot, of requests about having Darcy or Bing Lee have their own video blog.

That is some serious support!

So why so much support? Well I think it’s basically these two reasons.

1. We (the audience) really want to see them!
2. We (the audience) really want to see their side of the story!

Both very reasonable audience requests. Bing Lee and Darcy are definitely important people in our world and they have stories that certainly can be told.

But I’m sorry to say a Darcy or Bing video blog won’t happen. Sure, I could tell you a dozen reasons as to why they won’t, reasons like “not splitting our creative resources for Lizzie’s Diaries”, but there’s only one reason that trumps them all and that is Character.

Darcy and Bing Lee would never actually video blog. It’s not that they can’t (literally anyone with a camera can start a video blog), it’s that their characters would never do it.

Darcy is a proud, quiet, entitled, soft-spoken guy, with a high sense of social elitism.  That doesn’t sound like someone who would consciously turn a camera on himself to rant about his daily life to the internet.  The character leap it would take for Darcy to start video blogging would be like Lizzie Bennet captaining her collegiate cheerleading squad, it just feels ridiculous.

In my mind, if you were to ask Darcy directly if he’d do a video blog, he’d either sternly answer with “what’s a video blog?” or “I don’t have time for that”.

That made me laugh.

Bing Lee, is in a similar boat, just has too many things going on. Sure we know he’s charming, but he also has that social elitism, he’s not publicly vocal about his feelings, and he’s a medical student (so he’s freaking busy). Though, because of his charisma, he’d probably be a pretty entertaining video blogger, he would never initiate it. The idea of him doing such a thing would never come across his mind.

Anyway, I’m sure the longer and longer we go without seeing Bing and Darcy the more and more support a Darcy or Bing vlog will get. To be honest it’s been something that Hank and I have discussed, but it really needs to make sense (production, story, and character wise) for us to do it.

I’m also going to highlight one more comment that got little support but really nails what would happen if Darcy or Bing made video responses to Lizzie.

Well said.

I will leave you all with a nugget about other characters video blogging. We haven’t committed to anything yet, but I’ll say that we’ve had serious discussions about having another character do it.

Thanks again for watching and sharing the show. I’m sure if you’re reading this you’ve seen our small but growing new merch line over at DFTBA. Though I don’t think I could personally pull off the shirt, those buttons that Hank put together are ridiculously cute.

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